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This blog achieved liftoff on September 2, 2022. The purpose is to cover the self-publishing and indie scene in science fiction, with a particular focus on the Self Published Science Fiction Competition.

The SPSFC has just begun its second contest after the first was won by Iron Truth, a vast and devastating epic of lost generation ships, mech-suit warrior cyborgs and cosmic horror by the Swedish author S. A. Tholin.

I’m Rogers Cadenhead, a longtime science fiction fan and Hugo Awards voter who is running a seven-member team of judges in SPSFC 2.

In coming days you’ll meet the team and learn about the 27 books we were allocated in the first round. After sampling all of them, the team will be reading seven of those books in full to decide which three to advance to the semifinals.

I was a judge in the first SPSFC with File 770 and it was my first experience reading self-published science fiction. I was surprised at how many good books are being written in the field by authors who said, “Publishers? We don’t need no stinkin’ publishers!” Now I’m well and truly hooked.

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