W. J. Long III

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Our SPSFC 3 Semifinalists

The SPSFC Trophy After starting out with an initial allocation of 25-27 books and choosing our top six as quarterfinalists, each team in the SPSFC had the difficult task of picking just two books to advance to the next round. The voting was close, but two books were the consensus choice of Team ScienceFiction.news to be our semifinalists: Children of the Black by W. J. Long III Woe to the Victor by Nathan H. Green Here are comments made by our judges about Children of the Black: Richard: I was ... (read more)

SPSFC 3 Quarterfinalist: Children of the Black by W. J. Long III

Writers are often told to begin in the middle of the action. The fourth quarterfinalist chosen by Team ScienceFiction.news for the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition begins after one thousand years of action. Children of the Black by W. J. Long III takes place at the end of an interstellar war fought longer than any current combatants have been alive. A special ops team is sent on one last mission. He'd seen the broadcast. The truce was signed. The war was over, and all ships had been ... (read more)